Easy to Edit
Edit your website in a word processor-like interface with minimal or without intervention from a web designer.
Search Engine Friendly
Applies various on-page techniques to put my clients' websites as high as feasible in search engine results.
Multiple Browser Compatibility
Websites that I develop renders the same appearance, functions and features in all major browsers.
Follows International Web Standards
The websites that I developed follow the standards of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Protection from Spams
Prevented unwanted messages from reaching your inbox while allowing legitimate and potential clients / business partners to contact you.

globe and mouseWhat can we do for you?

  • helps increase sales or revenue
  • provides additional information and develops awareness about your company, products and services
  • helps in finding investors or franchisees (if applicable)
  • establishes communications with your customers or potential customers

Digiflask Consultancy is a freelance web consultancy, website development and web design firm located in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is 100% owned by yours truly, Greten Vicke S. Estella, a Filipino web designer, website developer, freelance consultant and search engine optimizer.

Here at Digiflask, we are not content with having just any website or even a beautiful looking website; we develop websites that deliver results. We look at it from the the angles of pragmatism and practicality. We exert great effort to ensure that the websites we develop are easy in the eyes, easy to navigate, easy to use, and uses only as little part of your computer's resources as possible.

Website Development Packages

Regular Website
For starting businesses who would like to introduce themselves using the internet. Read More...
Catalog Website
Ideal for entrepreneurs and consultants who would like to showcase their products or portfolio. Read More...
Enterprise Website
Suitable for companies that would like to conduct their business through the Internet itself. Read More...